Strategy sought for private sector development

Vietnam needs a strategy to promote the development of private firms with a focus on quality, as their contribution to the economy remains modest.Keep reading ...

VNA Reporter

F1 race would rev up Vietnam’s development: PM

Hanoi’s Formula 1 race in 2020 will contribute to Vietnam’s development, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said Wednesday.[]Hanoi and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism would spare no effort in making the event a success, which will prove Vietnam’s capability in hosting large-scale international sports ...

Viet Tuan

Wind power price rise a positive sign for VN’s renewable energy development

Higher feed-in tariffs for wind power projects in Viet Nam will help push forward the completion of many projects and ensure they begin operation.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Coal-fired thermopower development: which technology for Vietnam?

Energy experts have reassured the public that Vietnam uses advanced technologies in coal-fired thermopower plants, which continue to be the major choice for electricity generation projects. Keep reading ...

Kim Chi

VN Government committed to push AI development

The Government of Việt Nam, together with leading tech companies, are committed to supporting the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in service of the country’s industrialisation and modernisation process.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

National parks focus on eco-tourism development

“Việt Nam’s nature reserves and national parks are aiming to boost eco-tourism to facilitate both conservation and economic growth, but their efforts have been hampered by a lack of planning, human resources and funds,” said Lê Văn Lanh of the National Association for Nature Reserves ...

VNS Reporter

Policies encourage renewable energy development

New preferential policies have encouraged both local and international firms to invest in renewable energy, according to authorities. Despite the Government’s determination to develop wind and solar power as well as biomass electricity, many renewable energy projects have lagged behind schedule due to inefficient planning ...

BizHub Reporter

Việt Nam pushes for development of smart urban areas

Việt Nam is promoting the development of smart cities and this requires participation by all ministries, localities and enterprises and international experience. Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Development of organic fertiliser key to VN’s future agriculture

Việt Nam has identified organic agriculture as the way forward, and why the development and promotion of the product is key to achieving their goals.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Vietnam’s education witnesses impressive development: WB report

The East Asia and Pacific region has seven of the top ten performing education systems in the world, with schools in China and Vietnam showing significant progress, according to a new report of the World Bank. Released on March 15, the report “Growing Smarter: Learning ...

VNA Reporter

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