Situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam as of 21 July 2021

By end of July 2021, Vietnam went through three waves of COVID-19 and now is facing the fourth one. During the first wave, with the original virus strain from Wuhan (China), there were some severe cases but no deaths. The second wave in Da Nang city came with the same virus strain and broke out in the hospital, causing 35 deaths in severely ill patients with underlying diseases. The third wave in Hai Duong province was primarily caused by the British variant; the number of infected people was quite significant as it happened in industrial zones. However, since most infections were in young people, there were not many severe cases, and there were no deaths. Since May 2021, the 4th wave, mainly caused by the Indian variant, came at a larger scale and with more complexity than before. It broke out in hospitals, many local communities, and even in large industrial zones. Ho Chi Minh City has been seriously hit and activities have been frozen for nearly 3 months.

Based on a dataset of COVID-19 infected cases collected from the Ministry of Health from Jan 22, 2020, to July 21, 2021, the following visualization has been made to provide an overall picture of COVID-19 in Vietnam.

Note: Since detailed data on COVID-19 cases is no longer available from the Ministry of Health after July 21, 2021, we could not update the situation further.