Cat Tien becomes Vietnam's first national park on IUCN green list

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Friday added Cat Tien National Park in southern Vietnam to its esteemed Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas, making it the 72nd location to achieve the distinction. Cat Tien National Park, spanning more than 82,000 hectares ...

Gia Chinh, Quynh Mai

How plastic waste management affects circular economy in Can Gio

Can Gio is the coastal district of HCMC, and its extensive mangrove forests and wetlands are considered the city’s “green lung.” It is unique in also being a UNESCO world biosphere reserve, but it faces mounting pressure from urban pollution, especially plastic waste from land-based, ...

Mekong Delta incurs $3B annual losses due to salt intrusion

The Mekong Delta region is facing a staggering economic setback, with researchers estimating annual losses exceeding VND70 trillion ($2.96 billion) due to salt intrusionThe findings, presented by the Water Resources Science Institute under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment at a Friday conference ...

Gia Chinh

River diversion plan could combat Mekong Delta salt intrusion

Ben Tre Province has proposed diverting water from either the Saigon or Dong Nai River Mekong Delta localities to prevent salt intrusion and water shortages during the dry season.Salinity levels have reached levels higher than in previous years and going 5-15 km deeper inland, according ...

Hoàng Nam - Ngọc Tài

Installed solar power capacity exceeds plan: government inspectors

The capacity of solar power projects in Vietnam has exceeded a government-approved plan by 10-fold, inspectors have found.The Ministry of Industry and Trade has by itself approved 114 projects and asked the Prime Minister’s Office to greenlight another 54 projects to be added to the ...

Hoai Thu

Deforestation caused by rubber vastly underestimated: study

Deforestation for rubber cultivation has been “substantially underestimated”, and is two to three times higher than generally assumed, a new study said Wednesday.Using satellite data and cloud computing, scientists said they compiled the first detailed accounting of deforestation for rubber production in Southeast Asia — ...

Climate, human activities identified as key causes of Mekong flow changes

The Mekong River has experienced increased dry season flow and reduced flood season flow under the impact of both climate change and water infrastructure development, a new study has found.The Mekong River Commission (MRC) and its upstream counterpart, the Lancang-Mekong Water Resources Cooperation Center (LMC ...

Minh Nga

Gov't approves more anti-erosion funds for Mekong Delta

An additional VND4 trillion (US$163.85 million) will be given to localities in the Mekong Delta to help them deal with river and coastal erosion.Since 1992 the region has lost 300-600 hectares of riverine land each year to erosion. Excessive sand mining is one of the main ...

Ngoc Truong

Humans increasingly settling in high-risk flood zones, study warns

Humans are increasingly settling in areas highly exposed to dangerous flooding, particularly in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh, a study warned Wednesday (4/10). The research, led by a World Bank economist, warns that settlement growth in flood zones has vastly outpaced growth in safe areas since ...

Current exploitation rate to deplete Mekong Delta sand within 10 years: study

The Mekong Delta’s rivers could run out of sand before 2035 at the current extraction rate of 35-55 million cubic meters a year, a new study has found.The study released last week by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Vietnam said the volume ...

Thu Hang - Huy Phong

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