HCM City upgrades water supply system

HCM City has upgraded its water supply network with the adoption of advanced technologies in operation and exploitation and supply of clean water. Keep reading   ...

VNS Reporter

HCM City begins to classify solid wastes at source

All households and commercial establishments in HCM City have to segregate their solid waste at source into organic and other wastes from Saturday. The rubbish has in fact to be classified into three types – organic, recyclable and other wastes.Keep reading ...

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HCM City seeks ways to curb CO2 emissions from vehicles

Air pollution in HCM City caused by vehicles has become even more serious than the level of pollution emitted by industrial zones, environmental experts say.Keep reading ...

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In HCM City, households sell solar power to grid

The HCM City Electricity Corporation encourages households to instal rooftop solar panels and now there are 475 of them connected to its grid with a total capacity of nearly 5.3MW.Keep reading ...

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HCM City petitions to restrict new licences to exploit groundwater

The HCM City People’s Committee has petitioned the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to restrict the granting of new licences to exploit groundwater.Keep reading ...

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HCM City raises environmental protection, parking fees

New environmental protection fees are expected to reduce the volume of industrial waste water in HCM City, while higher parking fees on city centre streets will curb traffic congestion, according to the city’s Transport Department. The city expects to collect several million dollars through the ...

Financial Times Reporter

HCM City plans to reduce exploitation of groundwater

Ho Chi Minh City’s authorities plan to reduce the exploitation of groundwater from now to 2025 to prevent land subsidence and protect residents’ health.Keep reading ...

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HCM City targets treating 90% of discharged water

HCM City has set a target of treating 90 per cent discharged water into rivers and canals by 2020. The city’s total daily wastewater, including wastewater from industrial parks as well as in residents, amounts to 1,750,000 cubic metres.Keep reading ...

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HCM City opens hotlines for child abuse victims, families

HCM City’s Department of Home Affairs has outlined a new policy on the prevention and handling of child abuse cases which includes new hotlines for victims and their families. The hotlines are 111, 113, 1900.54.55.59 or 1800.90.59. Victims and families can also directly contact the ...

HCM City achieves four goals in pollution reduction

HCM City was able to reach four of its 16 goals in pollution reduction as part of its 2016-2020 programme to reduce pollution, according to city authorities speaking at a conference held on Friday in the city.Keep reading ...

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