School milk program underway

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s two largest cities, will invest some VND4.2 trillion ($180 million) and VND1.2 trillion ($51.4 million), respectively, in a School Milk Program at all kindergartens and primary schools from 2018 to 2020. Nearly 4 million kids in Hanoi and ...

VietnamNet Reporter

Campaign launched to stop violence in child education

A campaign promoting non-violent education was launched in Hà Nội yesterday.[]About 2,000 cases of child abuse are reported in Việt Nam each year, 60 per cent of them are sexual abuse, according to statistics from MOLISA. Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Việt Nam steps up vaccine production programme

The Ministry of Health plans to use at least seven types of domestically produced vaccines as part of the expanded national immunisation programme by 2020.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Installment payment vaccine packages launched

High-quality vaccines are available to people on low income with a zero percent interest rate on installment payments. The programme is the first of its kind  in Việt Nam.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Success of family planning - premise for sustainable development

Significant achievements have bên recorded in the population-family planning work in Vietnam in the past years, including maintaining a stable population growth rate and replacement level fertility, among others. Keep reading   ...

VNA Reporter

Child obesity spikes while malnutrition persists

When it comes to food policy, Vietnam faces a double health burden: The country has seen a rising number of children with obesity in urban areas, while the number of malnourished children remains high.Keep reading ...

VietnamNet Reporter

New “5-in-1” vaccine to arrive in Vietnam

More than 833,000 doses of Indian-made ComBE Five vaccine will be imported to Viet Nam by mid-June, said V Tuan Cuong, head of the health ministry’s Drug Administration. Under the 2018 national expanded immunisation programme, ComBE Five vaccine, provided by GAVI, will replace Korean-made Quinvaxem as ...

VietnamNet Reporter

HCM City opens hotlines for child abuse victims, families

HCM City’s Department of Home Affairs has outlined a new policy on the prevention and handling of child abuse cases which includes new hotlines for victims and their families. The hotlines are 111, 113, 1900.54.55.59 or 1800.90.59. Victims and families can also directly contact the ...

Youth suicides shine light on cyberbullying in Vietnam

A wake-up call for those in Vietnam who are still using social media without any proper knowledge of the legal consequences of their actions.Keep reading ...

Tuan Son

Remote areas lack mental health services: study

Mental health and psychosocial problems are widespread and increasing in Việt Nam, particularly among children and young people. Despite some progress, mental health services in Viet Nam remain largely inadequate.Keep reading ...

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