Renewable energy integration faces challenges

Power drawn from renewable energy is expected to soar in the future, although the country’s capacity to integrate this source of energy into the national power grid is still limited, possibly causing throttling on the network.Keep reading ...

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New approach to energy strategy urged

Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics Tran Dinh Thien has called for taking new approach to energy strategy, with saving energy in production and consumption as compulsory. Thien said Vietnam’s energy resources are abundant, but it is hard for Vietnam to compete due to high ...

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Incomplete energy market hinders energy development in Vietnam

An incomplete and asynchronous energy market is a bottleneck in energy development in Vietnam at present, according to many participants at a workshop in Hanoi on January 11.Keep reading ...

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Water sources for energy development decline in quality, quantity

Vietnam’s water resource security is facing challenges at a time of climate change. According to the 2011-2015 national report on the environment, Vietnam has average rainfall of 1,900-2,000 mm a year. It has 2,360 rivers which are 10 kilometers or more in length, including 109 main ...

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Vietnam has great potential to develop geothermal energy

Geothermal energy can be economically efficient and environmentally friendly, scientists say.[] According to the chair of the Vietnam Clean Energy Association, Ta Van Huong, Vietnam has geothermal potential at the average level. The great advantage of Vietnam is that the energy source is located throughout the ...

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EU investors interested in Vietnam's clean energy sector

Eurocham has several members that offer services and products to improve the quality of the environment and of living, while being committed to conducting their business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. When there is a need, Eurocham branches out to companies in Europe in ...

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EU supports Da Nang solar energy development

A solar energy development support project was officially launched in Da Nang on November 3, aimed at supporting the central city in its process of promoting renewable energy sources. Co-organised by the European Union (EU) and the Da Nang Energy Conservation Centre (DECC), the project ...

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