Vietnam lacks agricultural engineers

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s strategy of sustainable agricultural and rural development from 2021 to 2030 with the vision to 2050 is targeted at the agricultural sector’s Gross Domestic Product growth rate at 2.5 percent-3 percent a year and the labor productivity growth rate of the industry averagely at 5.5 percent -6 percent annually. Moreover, by 2050, Vietnam will be among the world’s leading agricultural countries. However, the training of agricultural engineers, in reality, is facing many challenges at an alarming state.

According to representatives of many universities with agriculture faculty, a few senior high school graduates want to enroll in the agriculture faculty resulting in admission scores plus insufficient recruitment quotas. Therefore, Vietnam lacks agricultural engineers.

Without high-quality human resources, it is difficult to implement goals for high-tech agriculture, sustainable agriculture, and the agricultural economy. In particular, innovation in agricultural training programs is needed to meet the country’s goals.

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