Covid-19 crisis leads to lower incomes, living conditions for tens of thousands of families

Surveys all show that the living conditions of many Vietnamese have become worse because of Covid-19. However, economists are not recommending a second support package.

During the second survey, WB carried out interviews via phones with nearly 4,000 households throughout the country from July 27 to August 12, which coincided with the second Covid-19 breakout. WB found that one third of households had incomes lower than the previous month. Meanwhile, the figure was 70 percent in the previous survey, which indicates that Vietnam’s economy has shown signs of recovery.

VEPR Chief Economist Pham The Anh said that if the first package has not been fully disbursed, another package is not necessary at this moment. The second package, if launched, will only weigh on the state budget rather than creating positive influences in the economy and society.

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Ha Duy