Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) 2020

Young ASEAN Leaders Policy Initiative (YALPI) is an international forum which gathers and empowers youths to solve current social issues from the bottom-up aspect. Our goal is to create policy recommendations and Youth Outlook on the Future of ASEAN to influence the shaping of socio-political policy within all youth delegates’ countries.

Seeing that ASEAN needs more cohesion than ever amidst the changing regional politics, YALPI 2020 aims to foster ASEAN unity by tackling inequality and driving for inclusiveness in three different areas:
– Wealth Distribution
– Social Justice
– Access to Education

The annual YALPI forum will be held on 5-10 February 2020, Bangkok.

Who are eligible to apply?
Thai and international youth (undergraduate or graduate, not limited to ASEAN nationals), aged under 25 years

How to apply?

Download the application package here. Complete and submit your application package to by 3 Jan 2020 23:59 (GMT +7)

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