Vietnam – Japan Science and Technology Symposium 2019 (VJST2019)

The Vietnam – Japan Science and Technology Symposium 2019 (VJST2019) is organized by VJU and VANJ, as a multidisciplinary platform for science and technology exchange between the two countries. With the overall theme of “Towards Sustainable Development”, VJST2019 welcomes all the scientists, researchers and experts in Japan and Vietnam to discuss on various aspects of sustainable development.

The scope of the symposium includes, but is not limited to the following topics:
・Applications of AI, ICT, IoT and Robotics in Sustainable Development
・Clean-Renewable Energy and Smart-Technology for Power Networks
・Bio-Medical Sciences and Public Healthcare
・Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation
・Environmental Engineering and Management
・Green Chemistry, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Safety
・Micro/Nano Science, Material Science for Sustainable Development
・Policies and Economical Strategies for Sustainable Development
・Transportation, Infrastructure Engineering

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