New topic page: “Infrastructure”

Investment in public infrastructure has been one of the key driving forces for Vietnam’s economic development over recent decades. Infrastructure accounted for 53% of total Official Development Assistance (ODA) received between 2010-2017. Vietnam has heavily invested in transportation, particularly roads, airports, and seaports. Vietnam’s public and private investment in infrastructure reached 5.7% of GDP in recent years, the highest in Southeast Asia and second highest in Asia after only China (6.8% of GDP). On the one hand, boosting infrastructure development satisfies requirements for investment projects; on the other hand, it will help create higher economic growth and more employment. In addition, rapid urbanization in Vietnam is a strong driver for developing the transport and utilities sector. With 50% of the population estimated to now live in major cities, the rising population has already exceeded the capacity of the existing connectivity networks and utility systems. 

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