Urbanisation process a driving force for rapid, sustainable socio-economic development

The process of urbanisation is an important driving force for rapid and sustainable socio-economic development in the future, with urban areas slated to form a greater part of the country’s economy in the next few years.

On January 24, the Politburo issued Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW on planning, construction, management and sustainable development of urban areas in Việt Nam by 2030. The resolution said urban planning, construction, management and development in Việt Nam have achieved many significant results after 35 years of đổi mới (renewal process), especially over the past ten years.

However, the process of urbanisation as well as planning, construction, management and urban development still have shortcomings. The urbanisation rate is still lower than the target set out in the Socio-Economic Development Strategy in 2011-20 and far from the average rate of the region and the world. The quality of urbanisation is not high, urban development has caused waste of land and the level of economic concentration is still low.

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