Solutions to protect environment and promote circular economy

Towards the goal of building and developing solutions to promote the circular economy and solve the problem of increasingly depleted resources and increasingly serious environmental pollution, which strong impacts on the living environment, causing dangerous diseases. This is a great challenge for ministries and branches from central to local.

A number of studies have proposed circular economic models in Vietnam such as the model of economic-ecological-environmental integration and reduction of free migration in border areas, the smart urban model on adapting to climate change in Can Tho, and the circular agricultural economic model in Quoc Oai (Hanoi). These are the initial results to develop, generalise and build circular economic models on a regional, inter-regional and national scale in the coming time. In addition, studies on sustainable use of natural resources and sustainability, associated with the direction of circular socio-economic development, improving the sustainability of the proposed natural, socio-economic system.

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