Lightning Talk: “Recognition Artificial Intelligence and Experience in Application Development”

Recognition AI technology based on artificial neutral network and deep learning has been researching and applying in variety fields of life. Fingerprint analysis and face detection, screening for cervical cancer (medical), or target recognition systems (defence) are few examples of this technology in real-world application.

Thanks to Framgia’s advantage in high technology platform and great influence in deeptech community of Innovatube, the two organizations jointly organize the “Lightning Talk”, titled “Recognition Artificial Intelligence and Experience in Application Development”

TIME & DATE: 14:00 – 17:30, Saturday, November 4th 2017
VENUE: Ki Coworking Space, 4th Floor, T2, Times Tower, No. 35 Le Van Luong St., Hanoi
ACTIVITIES:  At the event, each technology expert will have 7-10 minutes to present the product development process using recognition AI technology and 5 minutes for Q & A session. Group and networking activities also be designed to facilitate participants in generating and exchanging new ideas based on speakers’ sharing.

Grab the chance to talk to leading experts in recognition AI technology
Expand deeptech knowledge and update latest product development trend
Seek for new ideas to apply in real business and fill the unmeet need of customer.

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