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Open Development Initiative seeks National IT Officer

Open Development Initiative is looking to hire a National (from any of the Lower Mekong Countries) to help support the ongoing maintenance and development of the opendevelopmentmekong.net (ODM) platform and country sites. ​Application:  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until filled.Email:  recruitment@opendevmekong.netCommencement:  As soon ...


Job opportunity: Data Analyst - Vietnamese candidate only

Open Development Initiative is looking to hire a national Data Analyst to support the development of data driven content on the Open Development Vietnam site. The role will include research and data visualisation support to the Content Officer in Vietnam as well as extended support ...

Forest policy and administration

Key LawsCircular No. 34/2009 / TT-BNNPTNT on the criteria for determining and classifying forests (2009)Decree No.117/2010/ND-CP on Organization and Management of the Special-Use Forest System (2010)Land Law (2013)Law on Forestry (2017)—replaced Law on Forest Protection and Development (2004)Classifying Forest LandAll land and the natural resources ...

Job opportunity: Content and Research Assistant - Vietnamese candidate only

Open Development Mekong is looking to hire a national Content and Research Assistant to contribute to research and content development for Open Development Vietnam (ODV) site. The role is to provide research and data support to the Content and Research Officer who manages the ODV ...

Women in Open Data

What keeps Mekong women from accessing open data?Mekong Women in Data: Understanding barriers to women’s access to open data in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and VietnamPhoto by Mimi Thian on Unsplash. Licensed freely on Unsplash.gender inequality underscores the lives of women all over the world. ...


The New Normal: Mekong Delta faces droughts and saltwater intrusion1. The SituationVietnam’s Mekong Delta is the third-largest delta on Earth and home to nearly 18 million people, whose livelihoods rely mainly on agricultural and aquacultural production. Considered the “Rice Bowl” of Vietnam, the Delta supports ...

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