Measures proposed to remove obstacles to renewable energy projects

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked the prime minister for approval of several measures to lift impediments to existing renewable energy projects, and work out a mechanism for facilitation of such projects in the years to come.

In recent years, renewable energy projects have contributed to diversifying the country’s power supply sources and socioeconomic growth. However, the booming growth of solar and wind power projects has resulted in the Industry and Trade Ministry as the State management agency of the sector and EVN as the national electricity supplier being hesitant to grant licenses to solar and wind power projects and sign power purchase agreements.

Therefore, the ministry proposed the prime minister approve a mechanism detailed in the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s dispatch No.17 dated January 27 this year, meaning that the investors of the projects mentioned above will negotiate with the national electricity buyer, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), on the purchase price and contract for electricity generated from solar and wind farms, in line with the pricing policy and guidelines issued by the ministry.

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