The 11th Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting VEAM 2019

Time: 17 – 18, June 2019

Venue: Da Lat University

The Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM) is an accredited academic annual meeting organized for economists and social researchers around the world to present their scholarly studies and works.

This year’s conference theme will centre around the relationship and trade-off between economy, environment and development. The research work will embed theories, analytical models and policy recommendations for promoting the use of economic instruments to change people’s behavior as well as economic management tools in pollution control, efficient exploitation of natural resources and environmental protection in Vietnam.

One of the important topics to be discussed at VEAM 2019 is the value of the mangrove ecosystem in Vietnam. There are also environmental topics to be discussed this year, such as, Energy, Environment and Economic Development, in addition to plenary session reports on behavioral economics, trade-offs between environment and development, as well as the social cost of carbon gas presented and shared and discussed by leading researchers.

Proposed conference Agenda: VEAM 2019 – Program Agenda

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