Picture books realeased: Women Storytelling

Open Development Vietnam (ODV) has partnered with the Center for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas (CSDM) to develop storybooks shared by Tho ethnic Women and Thai ethnic women in Vietnam.

Vol 1 – Stories about Tho ethnicity by Tho women in Vietnam

This picture book is a collection of ten stories made by Tho ethnic women in Lac Village (Nghia Lac Commune) and Lung village (Nghia Loi commune), Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province. Their lived experiences have been captured by pictures and words through the women’s lens. You will find simple stories about cuisine, costumes, musical instruments, tools, and cultural practices of the Tho ethnic people in Nghe An, which exudes the storyteller’s love and pride of their ethnicity, unique culture, and religion of the Tho people.

Vol 2 – Stories about Thai ethnicity by Thai women in Vietnam

This picture book is a collection of nine stories made by Black Thai ethnic women in Hanh Son commune, Nghia Lo town, Yen Bai province. These women have been encapsulated by pictures and words, their lived experiences through their lens. You will find simple stories about daily meals with typical spices; the special practice of making Thai women hair bun and scarf called “khan Pieu”; traditional song, dance, and Thai script are being preserved; and traditional religious ceremonies. All of this knowledge create and define the Thais’ ethnicity through unique culture and religion in Yen Bai province.

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