Nominations Open: Journalism for an Equitable Asia Award 2020-21 – Theme: Inequality crisis and the pandemic

Asia, just like the rest of the world, is grappling with COVID-19. Despite tremendous economic growth and advances in healthcare, technology, and elsewhere during the preceding decades, we are struggling to overcome the pandemic and the resultant economic and social fallouts. 

Journalism for an Equitable Asia Award aims to recognize and encourage more journalists to write for a fairer Asia that works for all its people.

The award will launch onsite or online in several countries in South and Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Criteria for Nomination: Journalists are eligible for nomination if they meet the following criteria:

  • Written English* articles of minimum 650 words in length published in print or digital platform (Any written medium or public platform is eligible given the fulfillment of all the other criteria)
  • Journalists writing two or more pieces published on the theme of inequality crisis and the pandemic from 31st January 2020 to 31st January 2021 will be eligible
  • The nominated article(s) should cover how vulnerable communities across Asia are facing challenges from COVID-19, but go beyond to include structural issues such as inequality, poverty, and dysfunctional governance from lenses such as economic inequality, women’s rights, public services, taxation, climate justice, etc. They may also discuss practices and policies that contribute to building a fairer Asia.

Nomination Process:

  • Articles in English can be sent directly to
  • Articles in Vietnamese can be sent to Oxfam Vietnam for translation assistance into English. Email:

Deadline: 31/01/2021

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