What does Vietnam need: power from Laos or water from the Mekong?

08092016_What does VN need power from Laos or water from the Mekong

While economists applaud the idea of importing electricity from Laos, environmentalists say that Vietnam should not encourage Laos to build hydropower plants on the Mekong River.

“Vietnam should not think of buying electricity from Laos. If we do, we will encourage them to build hydropower plants on thevMekong,” said Vu Trong Hong, chair of the Vietnam Water Resources Association, and former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment.

The Mekong is a means of subsistence for 70 million people in six countries and the source of food to 300 million in the region and world.

For sustainable development of this river basin, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam established the Mekong River Committee (MRC).

According to Dao Trong Tu, director of the Center for the Water Resource Sustainable Development, and former deputy secretary of Vietnam National Mekong Committee, big questions have been raised about the development of Mekong’s upper course, especially hydropower plants in China and Laos on the Mekong mainstream. Keep reading