Chinese nuclear reactors located close to Vietnam-China border

15092016_Chinese nuclear reactors located close to Vietnam-china border

Scientists have expressed deep concern over the presence of Chinese nuclear power plants in areas close to the Vietnamese border.

A series of large-capacity nuclear reactors, 500-1,000 MW, have been put into operation in areas near Vietnam. Three plants are located 300-500 kilometers from Hanoi.

Ninh Thuan is where Vietnam plans to set up its first nuclear power plant.

Sources also said that China has been building more and more nuclear power plants and the plants tend to be set up in the southern part of the country, or close to the northern part of Vietnam.

Chinese nuclear power units near Vietnam have been put into commercial operation. These include a 1,000 MW unit in China’s Guangxi province, just 60 kilometers from Vietnam’s Mong Cai. The 650 MW unit of the plant in Hainan and the 600 MW unit of the plant in Guangdong have connected the Chinese national electricity grid.

Though the next-generation nuclear power is believed to be safe, experts still show concern about the presence of many nuclear power plants near Vietnam. Keep reading