Agricultural management systems and technologies

Wet rice farming increases greenhouse emissions: expert

Methods of farming wet rice in Southeast Asia have resulted in a vast increase in greenhouse gas emissions, posting a major climate change challenge for the agricultural sector in the region. Of all 10 countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia take the top spots, ...

Nhan Tam

Water shortages require more investment in protection projects

The water shortage in Vietnam is becoming serious, requiring management agencies to strengthen water sources protection. According to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Le Cong Thanh, 63 percent of total water reserves comes from outside the territory.Keep reading ...

Nam Mai

Irrigation projects funded by $2.7b in ODA

Twenty-two projects involved in irrigation, disaster prevention and clean water supplies had effectively used more than US$2.7 billion in official development assistant (ODA) over the past 25 years.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

Cái Lớn – Cái Bé Irrigation project approved

The Cái Lớn – Cái Bé irrigation project in the Mekong Delta has been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, according to Lê Hồng Linh, director of the ministry’s Irrigation Work Investment and Construction Management Board No 10. The project, which will connect the Cái ...

H.T. Dung

AI, satellite imagery, radar used to collect hydrological data

Dr Trinh Quang Toan from the UC Davis University has introduced a technology that calculates precipitation, meteorology, hydrology and groundwater for real-time natural calamity forecasting in Vietnam.The forecasting technology combines artificial intelligence, satellite imagery and radar, and together with a computational model, can restore data ...

Kim Mai

VN makes biotechnology progress

Việt Nam’s rapid progress in research and application of biotechnology in agriculture is contributing to the country’s goals for green growth and farmers’demands, according to experts. Biotech methods have been able to detect plant diseases rapidly, and have also been  used to create products that prevent ...

Experts: Room for technological use in agriculture remains huge

Room for technological application in agriculture remains huge, experts said during “Vision and Solutions for the Sustainable Development of Smart Agriculture” seminar held in Hanoi on August 21. Experts said Vietnam should actively establish partnerships with countries that take the lead in science and technology, such as ...

Vietnam lacks efficient management of hydropower operations: MoIT

The law on irrigation does not include regulations on the operation and management of hydropower dam safety, according to a recent report by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).Keep reading ...

Lan Nhi

Agriculture to bring more foreign investment

With Vietnam’s wide usage of smartphones and great agricultural potential, and commitment to truncate more than half of the existing agricultural administrative procedures, many foreign firms are hunting for opportunities in the country’s agricultural sector.Keep reading ...

Thu Ha

Development of organic fertiliser key to VN’s future agriculture

Việt Nam has identified organic agriculture as the way forward, and why the development and promotion of the product is key to achieving their goals.Keep reading ...

VNS Reporter

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