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Communal Land

Customary and Communal Land PracticesCustomary practices of land use are established patterns of behavior that are locally recognized in rules and customs, either oral or written 1. Unlike national laws and policies, customary practices (sometimes called “customary law”) are developed and adapted over time by ...

Ethnic minorities and indigenous people policy and rights

IntroductionThe Vietnamese Government recognizes 53 ethnic minorities39 Other counts suggest the existence of more than 90 groups, amounting to approximately 10 million people, or nearly 10% of Vietnam’s population.40 Most ethnic minorities inhabit remote areas of Vietnam and have their own belief systems which are ...

Development and assistance for ethnic minorities and indigenous people

Vietnam’s civil society and ethnic minoritiesIntroductionIn Vietnam, ethnic minorities are supported by a network of non-governmental organizations, known as “civil society”. Civil society includes international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), Vietnamese mass organizations, Vietnamese umbrella organizations, Vietnamese NGOs (VNGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), and professional organizations, although professional ...

Aid and development

International aid plays a significant but decreasing role in Vietnam’s national expenditure. For example in 2013, official development assistance (ODA) as a percentage of the national budget had decreased to 11.2% from 25.4% in 2003.147 The nature of development assistance has changed a lot over ...


Vietnam’s 0.3 hectare of agricultural land per person is among the lowest in the world. Vietnam’s Constitution holds that land and other natural resources are "public property, owned by all the people..." Vietnamese law does not recognize customary forms of tenure, and communities (villages) do ...

Ethnic minorities and indigenous people

IntroductionVietnam is considered a multi-ethnic country, made up of 54 ethnic groups. The Kinh ethnic group makes up 85.4% of Vietnam’s population, or 78.32 million people. The remaining 53 ethnic groups make up only 14.6% of the country’s population (see Table 1).209Although Vietnam voted in ...

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